Sword Left



– It's only natural variations, he choked, – nothing but NATURAL VARIATIONS






Fog is drifting in from the sea
The harbor drowns in water from the sea
Just a few people walk around here tonight
People don’t come here anymore
Not even in the morning light
They huddle in their damp houses
Shivering in this hot summer night
Empty stomachs empty minds cry with hunger
Soldiers hungry for something patrol empty streets
The Storm, long time in coming, is on its way

Ragnarok has arrived
Human insanity has fucked with The Earth
For ten thousand years
Forces of nature have gathered for retaliation
The Midgard Serpent is crawling across the land
Surtur - The Fire Demon - burns the air
Boils the sea, makes water pour from the sky
The Fenris Wolf is running
Its wide open mouth spitting out fire
Crushing dry skulls under its heavy paws

Scattered survivors emerge
Just a few out of billions
Scared, confused, but not afraid anymore
They are alive
They will not cling to the world of the dead
The world has cleansed itself
Ragnarok is the past
No more will people grow up and live like ants
In tall life-shattering anthills
Once more humanity can be what we are meant to be



From Collected Poems



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Sword Right