Secrets by Amos Keppler

   250 pages. Hardcover edition. ISBN 978-82-91693-15-6

   Release date August 21, 2013.

   Sales price US $36, Europe Ä30, UK £24 (probably considerably less on some online stores).

   These are descriptions of what cannot be described.

   These words within deal with the current world as it is, its prevalent and extensive alienation, inequality and injustice, its ongoing destruction of both spirit and flesh, of everything making life worth living.

   But most of all itís about the Night, the great darkness, the dark passions ruling us all, what those in charge more than anything want to take away from us.

   Words have power...

   Contains 140 poems written from August 2003 to July 2013.


   Some places you can buy this one and others, and description of other Amos Keppler novels

   If the store near you desn't have the book or claim that they can't order it for you, give them the author, title and ISBN number and insist that they order it. Several of the world's largest distributors offer the book. That means it will be available also in non-english speaking countries. If you, for instance live on continental Europe and your store has an English language book section (which most stores have today), it should most definitely be available there.





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