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A legend ancient and dark, one slowly gaining substance, a terrifying reality.

The Nine


   Falling by Amos Keppler

        One story of The Nine


   442 tightly spaced pages. Hardcover edition. ISBN 978-82-91693-19-4

   Release date February 29, 2016.

   Sales price US $37.50, Europe €31, UK £25 (probably considerably less on some online stores). 175 000 words


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   She can not rid herself of it, the sense of falling. It is lurking in her dreams, every time she looks at the world from the edge of her vision. The old, cruel oracle at the fair did not tell her anything she did not know.
   Janet of the Blue Flame is born a sorcerer, one with powers of the mind and the body far exceeding those of most others, one in a line reaching far back in antiquity.
   In this modern age she, like many others is virtually unaware of the potential resting in the murky parts of her being. She may know, deep down, but she is not aware… not until the day Malone the Sorcerer comes for her.

   Malone is dark and powerful. His skills and might are unquestionable. His power speaks to her, to her murky depths, roaring in her consciousness like a storm. Janet is only Sweet Sixteen and is overwhelmed in Malone’s presence. When he offers to train her, for her to become his apprentice she consents with an eagerness of a mule chasing the carrot. He is everything she is not, everything she has ever dreamed of being. She leaves her friends and family, leaves behind everything she knows and joins the mighty and enigmatic sorcerer on his quest. His harsh teaching takes her far away, into the nine realms and beyond.
   He gives her her devoirs, gives her everything he promised and more, wishing her good luck, leaving her to pick up the pieces of her life.
   Janet of the Blue Flame is ready for the world…


Broken wheel


The broken wheel is turning
Slowly catching fire
Slowly turning whole



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