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A legend ancient and dark, one slowly gaining substance, a terrifying reality.

The Nine

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   This is neither a fairy nor a fair tale.

   They gained ascendance in the nine realms, or so the story goes, when the realms were in alignment, six-thousand five-hundred and sixty-one years ago. The Wheel of Fire and Shadow burned in the sky, and Big Red Moon cast its crimson light everywhere.
   An entire cult, a massive movement ravaging many realms grew in their wake, one lasting for centuries, perhaps millennia after their passing.
   And now many say they are returning, are ascending anew. Explorers, travelers, wise men, alchemists and madmen all say the same, in many a closed room, in streets and gatherings across the Ocean of Mankind.
   There are also those claiming that they never truly went away from human life, that they in truth have been here all the time.
   The signs and portents are undeniably real. Big Moon has turned red. Jupiter's Cauldron is stirring up the biggest storm ever. The Wheel of Fire and Shadow is reappearing in the sky. The question we should all ask ourselves is what it all means.
   It is the year sixteen-hundred and sixteen, as it is measured in the Triple Cities, in the realm of Montan, in the land of Arcadia, and humanity's destiny, perhaps even its fate is up for grabs.
   From each of the nine realms one of nine comes, all burning with massive power and a terrifying purpose. In one dramatic night of the moon their powers and their purpose will become one.
   Three times three tomes tell the story of the Nine, and when it is done both they and mankind will be changed forever, transformed into something startlingly new and unrecognizable.

   The first three tell the tale of Janet of the Blue Flame in her youth.
   The second trilogy reveals the fate of Afterglow.
   The third deals with the arrival of the Nine and its ultimate repercussions.

   One story can never tell all. Not even many stories put together are more than a flicker of wisdom in eternity. I paint the images and the words, and they are only an imperfect vision of reality. The Ocean of Mankind can never be properly described.
   But when I am done you will know, know the secrets and what was hidden and unspoken. You will know what most people have only glimpsed in their deepest dreams and nightmares, and their hollow ground, and yes, you will be changed.

   The story of the current Blue Flame of Calderon began with Falling February 29, 2016, and continued with Forsaken February 29, 2020 and ended with Fallen July 21, 2022.
   The Afterglow trilogy began with Afterglow Dust October 31, 2014, and continued with Afterglow Rain September 21, 2019 and ENDED with Afterglow Fire November 11, 2020.
   In more ways than one both stories began long ago.

The story will unfold slowly on these pages, like it does in their chronicles.



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