Many have sought
The Prize,
throughout history, through lifetime upon lifetime...





   Some people say it is a trinket, a device, a weapon.

Others that it is a gift of spirit from the gods.

All agree it's Power beyond imagination.



   Sought in vain, through ruins, through wise men's words, following the path of great masters.

   The results are totally unambiguous.

   Only broken backs, broken lives remain.

   I'm God. I will tell you the only correct path, to enlightment, to Power beyond imagination.

   It's easy, the path is clear. Follow my teaching and the reward is yours. Just a little further now...



   Walk into the wilderness, searching for the beast, look at yourself in the mirror of a wet stone.

   My suggestion to you is quite simple. I want you to go on a... quest, to find the Prize. It isn't hard. When you're ready, it will reveal itself. All that is needed is for you to leave your past behind and that is easy, since all of us are leaving the past behind the very second we're experiencing it.

   Walk into the Night, experiencing the Fire of Life instead of merely passively being burned by it. Yes, fire will sing your skin hairs, and you'll find the Abyss opening up within you, sucking all you were into it. The past is ever the prologue.
   And the prize is a mirror, and what you'll find is yourself. No more, no less - no answer, but an infinite of possibilities. One more great beast rising from the sea, thinking and acting differently, gaining individuality and Freedom.

   The tyrants of the world are deceiving most people in many ways.
   They do not, need not, if they're clever, put people in jail to limit their freedom or shut them up.
   In a system that give its citizens the ILLUSION of freedom and free speech, it's even more important to delegate authority and responsibility to the many servants of the system. The brainwashing, started off just after the birth, of a human being, is carefully nurtured through childhood and adolescence. Therefore most people don't realize or won't realize, that they do the tyrants work for them. They are janitors and caretakers of an insane society and are relishing their role in the single wave scheme of madness.

   To gain the prize you must put yourself outside society, a system filled to the brim with hypocrisy and fear. They fear they'll not fit in and do not realize that not fitting in is the strength, the Life, most people by chaining themselves, are fleeing from. Civilization is destroying, leeching away, everything making Life worth Living. No price is too high to break that viscous cycle.








   "There is no God but Man"
Aleister Crowley
One Great Beast



     Transformation and Metamorphosis


The Long Walk