"The common division of the world into subject and object,
inner world and outer world, body and soul is no longer adequate."

   Werner Heisenberg




   Sounds are penetrating thick walls. Something glowing in the dark, a laughter in the Night, among whistling trees. Yes, Nightwalkers cause worry, in people easy to worry, to fear what he or she doesn't understand or won't realize. The Unknown has, for a long time, been something dirty, something alien.

   Magick... like Life, is really quite simple. It's stepping off the narrow path, to the wide, wide world Beyond.

   It may choose you or you may choose it. Sometimes it's hard to know for sure. Even being born a witch doesn't guarantee you Magick. A chain of random circumstances may be needed to make you start using the potential within you. Or it may not.


   There are no gods or fairies; no external forces what so ever. Magick is the Power within. Witches bring what's inside to the outside, that's our power. It's been said that the human beings are deep wells of energy, immense reservoirs of force, that we are the force of Life personified... Yes, we are Life and energy and we are Power itself... We are the greatest creative force that has ever existed on Earth and perhaps the universe. The tapestry of Reality is vast. We are its dragons that may one day be breathing fire beyond all boundaries, all limitations.

   The witch, the sorcerer, the magickian is wandering the netherworld, the crossroads to all realities, not content with only a little slice. Humanity as a whole and as individuals is the Phoenix, the incarnation of Life and Fire, ever rising from its own ashes. In a world of illusions, a semblance of "order", we're constantly upsetting the balance. We're agents of Change, returning humanity to Styx, the river of Knowledge and Death. Change or the decision to Change comes first, followed by a hunger for more. In our long, long history as Eternal beings we've never learned anything from others, never learned anything except what we've taught ourselves. Magick is knowledge of Self, and by that knowledge we're Transformed... and then the Metamorphosis begins.

   Then... Life truly begins...

   And it's a sight to behold.

   And Magick is like a spear, the spear of destiny unbound.


      The Dark Lodge






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