The Slaves by Amos Keppler

   440 tightly spaced pages. Hardcover edition. ISBN 978-82-91693-09-5

   Release date December 12, 2010.

   Sales price US $37.50, Europe €31, UK £25 (probably considerably less on most online stores). The novel is 175 000 words, and would have been close to thousand pages if I had used the spacing and font size most established publishers do.


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            THE BOOK

   Civilization needs slaves, needs cogs in the machine, a braindead population in a world filled with shame, for the machinery to keep working. Everybody is defenseless in a certain sense in present day society, bred to be servants, to be victims, to be slaves.

   A group of youths was kidnapped, broken and brainwashed to fit the needs of the Cabal of people calling themselves Abraxas Omega, a clandestine organization working behind the throne, the seats of power on present day Earth.
   On the passenger liner M/S Aphrodite, a playground for the rich and powerful. The streets and houses of London. In the American desert. In the highest political and executive offices around the world.
   A ghost is hunting the slavers, a specter from the past thought long dead, slowly gaining substance, gaining life. In the city of London the spark is struck, the Burning begins, one that in time will engulf everything, from the deepest sewer to the highest tower.
   Ted Warren is born in that seething cauldron.

   Second book of ten in the Janus Clan series: Ten stories of the wild man in the modern world, forty years of wandering, before the Phoenix is rising from its ashes.


   «Approximately a million people are every year sold to forced labor, prostitution or quite simply slavery. It’s a common myth that slavery is abandoned in our time.

   It’s shameful that we in 1993 are faced with a world encompassing slave-trade, from Brazil to Bangla Desh, in China, Thailand, Pakistan and Europe, in San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago, New York, Boston…»

   Excerpt from speech held by
   Joseph P. Kennedy III
   In the American Congress, Thursday, July 15th 1993


The first book in the series

The Defenseless


   The texts and clippings on this website are gathered from many sources and viewpoints. My hope is that it will be known as the definite authority on The Janus Clan and Phoenix Green Earth, their life and struggle.


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