The Slaves by Amos Keppler

   510 tightly spaced pages. Paperback edition. ISBN 978-82-91693-31-6

   Release date June 21, 2021.

   Sales price US $27, Europe 20 Euros, UK 17 Pounds, Australia $35 (probably considerably less on some online stores). The novel is 175 000 words, and would have been far more pages if I had used the spacing and font size some established publishers do.

   Never give up, never give in to the forces alligned against you, or they will surely crush you.


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            THE BOOK

   Ted and his friends are falling, falling down degradation road. They have walked it for so long that they’ve forgotten how it was like before they started on it, forgotten themselves. There is no end in sight in their dim minds. The road of slavery and humiliation is there, with them, wherever they turn, even in their almost faded dreams.
   The world, its local, national and global society wants slaves, wants cogs in the machine, small mindless machines of flesh and bone to aid and complete the bigger encompassing the Earth. Rescue is nowhere, is found in no eyes they meet.
   Through the machinations and cruelty of others they lost everything making life worth living. There are pieces, fragments on the gray trail ahead, flashes of memory telling them who they are, but all of them fading the moment they appear.
   Only when the spark strikes, when they feel the rage rise within and the wild human being makes its presence known, they feel like there might be something to look forward to after all. The collar is loose, isn’t it? The key is turning in the lock making the bracelets and chains stay in place. In their most feverish dreams they imagine that freedom looms right around the next corner.
   So, they use that, embrace that within themselves and run, run fast and furious through the shadows of the night, becoming those shadows, that very night.
   And the day they stop there will be hell to pay.



   In a society placing great value on imposed learning, Amos Keppler has taught himself everything he knows. Among those many things are writing, acting, photography and playing music and theater.
   He is a radical environmental activist, an eclectic witch emphasizing our unbreakable bond with nature.
   This is the paperback version of his second novel.
   His stories are inherently controversial. They go far beyond what most people consider acceptable.







   The texts and clippings on this website are gathered from many sources and viewpoints. My hope is that it will be known as the definite authority on The Janus Clan and Phoenix Green Earth, their life and struggle.


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