The Fire was first, and we are its Shadow...


   Eyes in the Sky by Amos Keppler

   382 tightly spaced pages. Hardcover edition. ISBN 978-82-91693-38-5

   Release date February 29, 2024.

   Sales price US $37.50, Europe 32 Euros, UK 27.50 pounds (probably considerably less on some online stores). The novel is 147 000 words.


Ted Warren - Self portrait Vancouver 1987


Author's word

From Eric Carr's Scrapbook

From Eric Carr's Scrapbook



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            THE BOOK

   UFO-sightings are suddenly increasing all over the planet. Both in cities and remote areas the sightings are exploding in numbers and detail.
   The eyes in the sky have been here for a very long time, studying the world and its ants. They have been many things to many people. They might have been the origin of the gods of ancient Olympus. The chariots of fire depicted in many a religious text. Some say they built the pyramids of Egypt and America, that they were the originators of human civilization, that they in fact created humanity from beastly origins.
   Many have wondered why they are here, if they are here, why they haven’t revealed themselves. Many claim that this is a ridiculous question... Since they are clearly here and have been showing themselves for a long time, a very long time, and that they keep doing so during this our modern age.
   So why are they here? Why do they work in clandestine ways (they do)? What is their agenda? Is humanity nothing more than beasts to them, something to study under a microscope like we are studying ants and other animals? If they have an agenda, what is it?
   Or perhaps that is not important. Perhaps the only important question we should ask ourselves is if they are here, and if so, what it means to the human species. As one thing becomes abundantly clear:
   They are here.


   «In my 12 years of work as a physician in the DTES (Downtown Eastside), I never met a female patient who had not been sexually abused as a child or adolescent, nor a male who had not suffered some form of severe trauma... Addictions are attempts to escape pain».
        Gabor Maté


The first book in the series

The Defenseless


   The texts and clippings on this website are gathered from many sources and viewpoints. My hope is that it will be known as the definite authority on The Janus Clan and Phoenix Green Earth, their life and struggle.


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