Distant Butterfly Wings

   A storm starts very small, often unseen, at the edge of the eye, below the surface of Earth and water. It doesn’t come into the world fully grown. Nothing does. No one does. It’s said that far away, as a butterfly is flapping its wings, it’s starting the first few, critical movements required for the storm to be created. And from then on nothing can stop it. It must continue on its course, all the way to its fiery, horrible end.


   The two fireeyes are travelers. Even though they during a few short, hectic, sort of peaceful years resided in the ancestral home in London, they spent most of their lives Journeying across the vast reality of the world… beyond… on their path to a terrifying and remarkable destiny.


   Humanity was one tribe once. One day and night, soon, and forever more we'll be so again.


   He heard a rusty voice, one from the past, clear as day, his brother’s voice:

   I saw everything. I saw The Phoenix rising.


Distant Butterfly Wings

Our story runs deep



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   Amos Keppler's stories, poems, music and art published on the web. 99 percent of everything published on the Midnight Fire Arena is done by him.


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