At the End of the Rainbow by Amos Keppler

   408 tightly spaced pages. Hardcover edition. ISBN 978-82-91693-14-9

   Release date October 31, 2012.

   Sales price US $37.50, Europe €31, UK £25 (probably considerably less on most online stores). The novel is 182 000 words, and would have been close to thousand pages if I had used the spacing and font size some established publishers do.


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   If the store near you desn't have the book or claim that they can't order it for you, give them the author, title and ISBN number and insist that they order it. Several of the world's largest distributors offer the book. That means it will be available also in non-english speaking countries. If you, for instance live on continental Europe and your store has an English language book section (which most stores have today), it should most definitely be available there.


Since this is the fourth book in a series, I decided not to include a Sample. I don't want to reveal anything that can spoil the enjoyment of the previous books.




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            THE BOOK

   There is a treasure at the end of the rainbow, or so the legend says, a place, an El Dorado, a Xanadu, a paradise, a heaven where all wishes are granted, a lush and peaceful garden people have been searching for since time immemorial.

   Ted and Elizabeth Warren have finally, at a terrible cost claimed their name. They leave their safe haven in the American Rockies, and they begin their tour, their Journey across the Earth. They cross the United States on a motorbike, first traveling west, stopping in Las Vegas, playing the stakes, throwing the dice, then traveling east and south, ending up in New Orleans, the City of the Dead, where they find more mystery, the mystery that is their life, find Life and find Death, find David Gidman, find Mark Stewart locked in a horrible battle of supremacy.
   An eccentric millionaire invites them to accompany him on a treasure hunt in the South American jungle, and they go, go into the moist and hot jungle, to old and new pyramids, hiding terrible secrets. And everything else is traveling with them, every ghost, every shadow. Old enemies and friends… or both, join them there, in the lush, green and lethal surroundings. Ghosts of the past, ghosts of the future, and it’s all one.
   Death, tangible and true, awaits them in the pyramid of fear.

   Fourth book of ten in the Janus Clan series: Ten stories of the wild man in the modern world, forty years of wandering, before the Phoenix is rising from its ashes.


   «We are the Janus Clan. We survive and thrive anyhwere, also in a world of Death».


The first book in the series

The Defenseless


   The texts and clippings on this website are gathered from many sources and viewpoints. My hope is that it will be known as the definite authority on The Janus Clan and Phoenix Green Earth, their life and struggle.


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