One Explanation


The Hoax

   Yes, the Hoax in this case, (too) is from the people presenting it all as a hoax. As is the case in many similar incidents people are refusing or unwilling to admit to the obvious truth. We put names on the Unknown to make it known... and less fearful symmetry.
   What I think is really amazing (and amusing) with most people in denial about the supernatural, is that the explanations they’re dreaming up, often are far less believable then the actual, original account they’re denying.
   There isn't any final, absolute proof that there was anything supernatural either. But this is one of the best documented cases ever. When something like this happens, however, and the documentation, the evidence, is so extensive, a lot of forces come to work, the defenses of both the local community and a world, hysterically disbelieving the existence of the supernatural.
   Stephen Kaplan "dr" stephen kaplan, who started the vicious lie campaign, and got it rolling, was thrown off the property by George Lutz. Now, that is a motive for wanting revenge, for you, so obvious and so blatant that it can’t be ignored. Or at least it shouldn't be.
   On the other part, there really is no motive, no motive at all. It might be claimed that The Warrens did win something by it, money or fame or whatever, but they also «called» the wrath of an ignorant society upon themselves. But no one else supporting the story did win anything. The Lutz family LOST a lot of money and gained a lot of sleepless nights and a life in turmoil and fear.
   I could write a book on this myself, but this should be enough. As the victims of whatever was behind it all, both possibly "demonic" and the human fallout later, has conspired to make the victim's life hell on Earth.
   That, to Kathleen and George Lutz, and others around the world, finding themselves in similar circumstances, is the true Amityville Horror.

   It's shameful really!




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