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   Human present day society is a tyranny, of both spirit and body. And this slick, velvet glove dictatorship, has developed some astounding automatic defense systems against «dangerous» Change. If a majority of the population became convinced that the world was quite different from the place they’ve been brought up to believe it is, it would undoubtedly rock its very foundation.
   In Amityville a number of things happened, both before, during and after the DeFeo murders, and before, during and after The Amityville Horror. It’s a classic conspiracy through and through. In the two trials, both the murder trial and the civil suit, important witnesses were either ignored or their testimony was completely turned around, compared to their earlier exposing account.
   In the DeFeo trial a girl walking by the house, confirming important details of his claims, if not all of it, was not heard.
   Nobody heard the eight shots, through open windows, ten meters away. There have been many foolish explanations put forward, to «explain» this (and other) phenomena, none remotely satisfactory, from a «ordinary» point of view. As usual the paranormal explanation is far more rational than any cop out.
   The historical society in Amityville first said there had been an Indian asylum on the property. Later, they withdrew this statement.
   The police had detailed files and reports, confirming, or the very least giving credible support to, the story told by the Lutz family. Individual officers did the same, when being interviewed by the investigators hired by Jay Anson. The files disappeared and it’s even claimed that they don’t exist. The police officers are either denying their initial account or claiming to have never spoken to the investigators. Some of them are obviously ill at ease. Then there are the officers who have downright disappeared later on and there are even claims that they’ve never existed!!!
   The catholic church was very supportive initially. Using their quite successful tactic of «non confirmation», they’ve been reneging on this later on.
   Everybody who truly know George Lutz says that he doesn’t drink wine. But when Stephen Kaplan claims that he did, those claims are persistently repeated, to the point of «if a rumor is repeated often enough, it becomes a truth». Who is, to this day, sustaining that rumor? It seems that for some people the fact that George is a beer drinker, can be used to automatically classify him as a wine drinker as well. To me it’s an important distinction and another important detail.
   A pig - like entity is claimed to be a cat. Another «explanation» not holding water. I don’t know about you, but I, for one, think it’s quite easy to distinguish between a cat and a pig...
   The reason for the cat «explanation» is of course, that there was a cat in the neighborhood of Ocean Avenue and no pig. So the cat was used, in another ridiculous attempt to «debunk» the story. This is typical of the poor quality of the «debunkers» «arguments».
   New accounts of the continuing paranormal presence in Amityville, are treated with similar ridicule and disdain. The forces, both human and paranormal, that caused the murders of the DeFeo family and drove the Lutz family to leave their home and belongings, and afterwards conspired to put a lid on everything, are still very much present.
   This is just a few of many examples of the Cover Up, the deceit, going on in and outside of Amityville concerning one of the best documented paranormal cases ever, The Amityville Horror.
   25 years later, this is still the case. If anything the facts have grown more clear, the protests and cover up ever louder.




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