Phoenix Green Red Earth

A globe swarming with Life, floating in a dark, humid sea of


Life is permeating existence.

The great beasts are rising from The Molten Sea to gather together,
a tribe from many tribes...
until, until the end of time, the end of Time.




Shadow Tribe
Beyond the velvet wall

   During the last years of civilization the Shadow Tribe is coming, working openly, working in secret, living as Human Beings, living fierce, untamed, independently of the life destructive, oppressive machine. Showing people, the slaves of the machine, that the human spirit is still alive. The illusion, the old, well proven, buzz words of tyranny... comfort, safety, responsibility and loyalty to any given body of rulers, to the Leader(s)... begin to fail. This is not strange of course, hollow as they are, with no foundation in the real world. The strange part is why it hasn't happened a long time ago, whne the takers first appeared. Now, at least, the takers are exposed and the world is young anew.

   There is unrest...

Blank and there is the Shadow Tribe...

The Shadow Tribe is growing, on the edge of Night.


Shadow World


Add Ons and Reinvention 1999-12-05.
349. night in the fourth year in the time of The Crimson Tide.

Most recent update 2000-11-21