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   The hurricanes Katrina and Anton in 2005 ravaged much of the eastern North American shore, but in an unprecedented one, two, one, two, they made Florida and Georgia... disappear. Millions of people lost their lives. There was just little or nothing left of the actual landmass making out the two states. They ceased functioning as anything even resembling an organized political entity there and then. What little remained was ceded to other nearby states, and the election system was restructured accordingly. The United States no longer had fifty states, but forty-eight. It no longer would have 100 senators, but ninety-six. The number of representatives was also substantially reduced.

   United States of America, and the world at large were changed forever and continued to change. It would never be the same.

   Early pre-election polls confirmed that. Establishment propaganda no longer worked. People joined the local, domestic and global Green Earth Party in droves. Gerrymandering no longer worked. The two establishment parties dominating US politics had been able to rely on their predictable voters for decades. They no longer could.

   There are elections, rebellion and revolution. Everything is happening simultaneously, and everything is up for grabs.




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