Following massive confrontations with the Copenhagen police force, the radical Phoenix Green Earth movement and its subsidiary the Green Earth Party were formed there in 1988 by Ted and Liz Warren, Carla Wolf, Karine Lie and others. In the years following that, many truly autonomous groups were formed all over the world, and they became a force to be reckoned with. They interacted with and fought the global, domestic and local human society, even as they built their movement. Humanity once more rose from its ashes… like a phoenix. They had done so before, done so quite a few times of seemingly endless and futile struggle, but this time, in this age of oppression calling for the ultimate despair, they rose stronger than ever.

   - The idea of the commune was a great one in Paris in 1848. It still is.
      Karine Lie



   Karine Lie - from her Houston, Texas speech July fifteenth 2008:

  - I want to change the world into a place where everyone has a real say. We may interact with the greater human society, but we will focus on building our movement, our strength, our power as individuals and as a group. We will no longer accept oppression, inequality and racism in any form. The world has changed. We have changed, and we will never return to the dull, obedient creatures we once were. Our migration, both physical and of the spirit began twenty years ago, and it will never, never end. Nature is striking back at the destroyers, and we strike with it.

   Karine Lie has written several novels and documentaries about her travels, among them her most famous, the Undead Politician.




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