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   Never give up, never give in to the forces alligned against you, or they will surely crush you.


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   As the true new age begins, the new story of mankind begins, one of rebirth and passion and life abundant.




   The downfall of civilization has come too far, she stated casually, without even a taint of regret in her voice. It cannot be stopped. Perhaps it never could. And to say that that is a blessing in disguise is to not go far enough. We have waited so long for it to happen that our anticipation has turned to despair, our hopes to dust, but now Ragnarok is finally here. The true transformation of humanity has begun. All the poisons, both of spirit and flesh humanity has made or exposed are something very negative but the growing quantity of CO2 and increasingly Methane in the atmosphere, what makes temperature rise on Earth is our salvation.

   Carla Wolf


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Sword Right




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