This is the Midnight Fire link page, and there might be some links here that are not overtly pagan or occult, as well.




A return to the Wild, the true home of the Human Being, in body and mind.

Monique Craig

Occult/horror writer and artist extraordinaire.

Yves Philippe

This isn't pagan or occult, really, but about music, great music. And that has always felt kind of paranormal and heathen to me.

Raven's Fantasy

Visit Raven as she is flying through the night.


Pages of Shades

Flip thru the pages of Shades. Or the secondary page: Pages of Shades


Free Daily Love Horoscopes and Astrological Psychic Readings


The Shadow Shop

Huge selection of incense, jewelry, Wiccan and Pagan supplies, cauldrons, crystals, wands, runes, aromatherapy, herbs, tarot decks, essential oils, candles, books, tapes, videos, and much more.


Witch Hunt

Wiccan Pagan Search Engine


Make a visit to the


A fantastic attack on all religion by the proud Ærika.





To The Wild Life



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