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   London has fallen on hard times. Only its failing, ever more desperate leadership keep speaking of it as a City of Cities...
   The whole human civilization has fallen on hard times and London is one of its few remaining pockets. All kinds of people are pulled here for the last remaining gasps of a past long gone. Those already living in the shadow of The Dam have nowhere else to go.
   Six chained and battered dead horses are whipped and whining at the base of The Dam.


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   Night on Earth by Amos Keppler

   A London story

   240 tightly spaced pages. Hardcover edition. ISBN 978-82-91693-07-1

   Release date December 12, 2010.

   Sales price US $36, Europe 30, UK 24 (probably considerably less on some online stores). 95 000 words


   Some places you can buy this one and others, and description of other Amos Keppler novels




   This is said to be the age of enlightenment and reason...
   A culmination of thousands of years' development and illumination.

   The hunters are dying off, they say. Their day is done, in favor of the new, enlightened time of neon lights, technology and civilization.
   But a hunter is stalking the streets of London. A creature without form, eyes and skin. In a city on the brink of chaos, of social and economic collapse it's stalking cops, killing them in ever more horrible ways. Sheila Watts is a hunter. She's a cop.
   Sheila is lost, losing herself further by the second. She's losing herself, finding herself, as she's closing in on the creature of the night, as it is closing in on her.

   Sheila Watts can taste the sweet blood in her mouth...

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A dark reality about the animal in us all



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   The Dam

   The Londoners of the latter half of the 21st century call it simply The Dam. It was raised 20 years ago around the city to stem the tide of the rising sea. The operation seemed to have been marred with accidents and bad workmanship from the start. The wildest rumors speak of undercutting of budgets and a structure that was never properly completed. It leaks, it leaks all the time, and no one seems to be able to fix it.
   The Dam casts its shadow over the city.