Moondance heading

Visit our
Wild Garden.

On the 8 Witchnight Witchnight.
To One Forest, One Lodge,
Of Mystery and Imagination.


Mirrors of the soul

One gathering in one wild garden April 30th in one year of the Abyss 12055...

There is always moonlight.

We will dance between the silver rays, the golden embers of the bright Night. We will Live, as if we've never lived before. As if this night is our only chance... to LIVE.

Nothing is forbidden, except poisonous words in mouth and burning crosses in hands. It's a Witchnight as no others, one change of a lifetime, where the moon is full, and hearts are beating and blood is boiling dangerously in every vein. Yes, a night where we will turn dangeroulsy close... to being human.


Yes, it's a dangerous Night. Older than the church, older than christianity. Far older than any religion. A war and rememberance of the time before technology, any civilization...

Welcome, Strangers, to a time of joy, of Night and Fire, to one place where a meeting of Bearers of Knowledge may commence and be celebrated unhampered.

Many are attempting to deceive us into believing that Human Beings are nothing more than spare parts rolling off an assembly line. Our challenge to you is... to prove them wrong. Wherever you are, wherever you go, on Witchnight, and other nights and days, on brightest nights and darkest days, to send a message, beyond any possibility of misunderstanding...

that the human spirit is still alive.