The new robotic division of the multinational corporation Monsanto lost control over its production facilities sometimes last week. An informed source is revealing.
   - It was a fluke accident, a spokesman is stating to an empty press lounge. - A fluke of fate that will probably never happen again.
   2 million people in the nearest town of Manchester were killed before 50 units of the new T2 brand was shut down.

   - To comment on this we have Professor Bledsoe in our studio tonight. Welcome, Professor.
   - Thank, you Karen, glad to be here.
   - So what's you opinion, Professor Bledsoe, will it happen again?
   - What I'm personally wondering the most about is which Manchester we're talking about here. Is it in England, United States, the new enclave of British refugees in Antarctica... or on Prime minister John Howard's one toe. These are important questions we should indeed find an answer to.
   - But professor...
   - My point, you see is that we can't really be sure, now, can we? My question is simply this: Is it live or is it Memorex? We can't really tell these days...
   (the professor's voice is fading)
   - And that was our expert commentator, Professor Bledsoe, giving his expert opinion. And by that we conclude the votes from the indigenous jury.


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