the strange no - no of no-words.



  bad taste - expression used by people who don't particularly enjoy an act or a joke on their expense. They use a lot of diversionary and slight of hand explanation to explain away their sourpuss reaction. For instance: There ARE things you shouldn't make fun of. And such.
   One such example was graciously put forward by the NATO-loyal warmonger Norwegian prime minister Kjell Magne Bondevik recently, as he described a TV-comedian making fun of him as "wicked" and "cowardly".

   below-the-belt-humor - see above
   childish humor - see above
   childish behavior - see above

   gallows humor - a morbid, fabulous way of having fun at others' expense.
   now, that's insulting - it was meant to be, dumb ass...
   barbecue - family gathering, where the central act is the burning of the flesh



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