Kaleidoscope longing
Longing for the kaleidoscope
Crossroads back to infinity
Roads clearcut to hell
Roads cross forth to eternity
Abradacabra Abracadabra
Ostinvie filled up with glass
Filled to the brim we
Strangers to moderation, to compromise
We held back nothing
We embrace the all
What is useless poems
other than
longing for the everything

Wind take hold of woman's dress
Sunshine on the lips where the sun doesn't shine
Akator following Toraka to his own tail
Utter destruction, utter love, ritual of liberation
Following the wind to its beginning
True will leads to our core
Steamy, oily skin slipping the hunters touch
Women dream of being chased by horses
Men are the horses
The only thing chasing them is themselves

* I hear the waters faint and far
And look to where the polar star
Half hidden in the haze, divides
The double chanting of the tides
Welcomes the stranger to the south
The water shakes, and all the sea
Grows silver suddenly

suddenly suddenly

Tree of Life

* The last verse is taken from Crowley's own poem The Argonauts.

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