This is the start, or one start of the story about the Earth and sky, day and Night. They came into existence in London, and London is where they will make their stand.


   Season of the Witch by Amos Keppler


   360 tightly spaced pages. Hardcover edition. ISBN 978-82-91693-22-4

   Release date October 31, 2017.

   Sales price US $37.50, Europe €31, UK £25 (probably considerably less on some online stores). 140 000 words


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   Lori is happily married. She and her husband of twenty years have three great children together. They have nice jobs and nice salaries, a nice house in a nice neighborhood. Life is good.
   Lori wakes up one morning, soaked in sweat after a particularly disturbing dream. Then she takes a good, hard look at herself in the mirror.
   The world is no longer the same. She is no longer the same. The happy housewife and mother and company executive no longer exist. Suddenly familiar and pleasant surroundings are neither familiar nor pleasant. Increasingly disturbing events are pulling her ever further away from what she has known, confirming that the world has changed, that she has changed. She meets new people, people further opening her eyes to the world, to the world she has denied for so long. Perhaps her previous life and neighborhood and job and all weren’t so great, after all?
   Lori is cast brutally out of her world and headlong into the next. The people she encounters, both friend and foe are very much like herself a new breed, seekers in a world where seekers are frowned at, at best, and at worst hounded and hunted. Lori doesn’t fit in in the old world anymore, and the new is still not quite there yet, emerging, like its people from the chrysalis, the dark corners and shadows of modern society.

   They are the emerging Earth and Sky, Day and Night, and the world will never be the same.




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