Roses are yellow, red and violet. There are no green roses.






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   The Green Rose represents something new in today’s world: An uncompromising approach to society and a will to eradicate that very society from the face of the Earth. They shout loud and clear: No more compromises! In a world where tyranny is allowed to roam free and the resistance against it is fading every second, the Nightravens says stop. They’re a breath of fresh air among a humanity almost gone, a humanity that has almost totally surrendered to the enemy, to the indifference… to the Machine.
   In a world-encompassing society destroying everything making life worth living, killing all humanity Silverhair and her brothers and sisters encourage us to find our own… and thereby our self worth. If it is really true that many of us have stopped listening to the leaders’ false voices and stopped buying their illusion, then the «terrorists» can take most of the credit for that.
   The path is long and hard, but there is a hope of a better world.




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