1970-09-29 - Roland Vallens is born in the city of Antwerp, Belgium....

       1971-01-15 - Ulrike Meinhof, with aid develops and pens The Concept of the Urban Guerilla, a manifesto published later the same winter. During the following year it’s being read by thousands the world over. The term «Red Army Faction» is used for the first time.

       1972-06-15 - Ulrike Meinhof is captured by German police.

       1974-12-15 - Emmet Dalton Terrill is born in Bergen of American parents.

       1975-01-22 - Elin Hansen is born in Bergen.

       1975 - Sometimes during the year nineteen year old Giovanni Rossi joins the Red Brigades.

       1976-05-09 - Ulrike Meinhof is murdered by the authorities in the Stammheim prison outside Stuttgart.

       1977-07-20 - Karine Lie, on the day of her eighteenth birthday leaves home and Norway, to travel the world.

       1977-09-05 - The industry captain and chairman of the German employer organization Hans-Martin Schleyer is kidnapped by units of Red Army Faction. «The German Autumn» begins. RAF rocks the modern German society to its core.

       1977-10-18 - In complete panic and disarray German leaders give the order to their assassins to murder Andreas Baader, Gudrun Enslin and Jan Carl Raspe in the Stammheim prison. Most people buy hook, line and sinker the authorities version about suicide. Virtually all the first generation members of RAF are now either dead or in prison. Second, third and fourth generation continues the struggle for many years.







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