an early reader's impression



      The world is approaching the millennium (western, christian time frame). Humanity is faced with the worst crisis in recorded history, ignoring its signs with the greatest ease. Cancer, mutations, psychological deviations, boredom and overuse injuries, the signals are there. The destruction of nature reaches new, inconceivable «heights». The abuse of power from an ever more cynical elite towards the general population is a daily occurrence. Everything is there, present as somewhat exciting «news» or interesting scientific queries. But do we manage to put the pieces of the puzzle together? See the whole picture? What is lurking behind the symptoms? Do we feel anything any longer, anything at all? Do we still have the right to call ourselves human beings or are we more dead than alive?
   A group of youths is taught the mysteries of life, a preparation for the inhuman hardship awaiting them as they prepare to take on the pyramids of power. Through the discovery of a reality ordinary people never even glimpse they are better prepared than previous revolutionaries. First and foremost they seek a life where they can live in harmony with their natural needs, desires and skills. Therefore the war cannot be fought within the system’s stifling walls, but must be waged underground, in the shadows, like ever more painful stabs at the Achilles heel of the power centers.
   The struggle brings them together, makes them a tribe, and eventually they do seem to make a difference; catching people’s attention and gaining increased popularity for their acts and purpose. And those in charge put ever more extreme efforts into neutralizing the rebels...
   And in the midst of all the pain, all the strain and joy, they learn, to them new and fundamental perspectives on what it means to be human, what it means to be alive. They’re about to rediscover humanity’s suppressed past.



   A friend of mine wrote this description twenty years ago, the first time he read the book. I’ve strived, during the translation to make it as unedited as possible. I think he has understood the story perfectly, and I will always be grateful for his advice, his input, help and support. Take a bow, my friend and thank you.





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