Sorry about the sign being a little frizzled around the circle.
It's an old sign. It isn't in use these days.
It's needed no longer, since there are no humans left...


It's like those old bans, issued by the church and also by more recent overt oppressive governments.

Those banned shall not be heard, not be seen, not be talked about, even in whispers.

And those speaking their cause shall suffer the same fate.

Whales, wolves, honest wild humans, it's all the same.


   The signposts are put up everywhere. On street corners, in homes and during public debate. An old message really, but has only in recent years been so pronounced that it can't really be misunderstood:

   No Humans Allowed.

   In a present day society seemingly crawling with humans, it's hard to understand why humanity can be an endangered species, but it is. And the threat comes from humanity itself. We have created a planetary society destroying everything making Life worth living. We have created Civilization, a place where emotions are stifled since birth, where natural behavior is frowned upon and even persecuted, where we're drowning in our own filth. A world encompassing "society" where we're "behaving" more like machines than Human, than Life. Civilization is a machine, the big, ultimate Machine, creating smaller wheels within the bigger wheel, recreating humanity in its own image.

   A pale, broken figure stumbling into the twilight.





The clock is ticking.
Is its time up?
Or ours?
















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Ongoing Transformation and Metamorphosis started.
FIRST WAVE: 2000-12-08, 352. Night 12055 by the end of the year of The Abyss.

SECOND WAVE: 2001-05-25, 155. Night 12056 in the first year in the time of the Twilight Storm.

THIRD AND UNENDING WAVE: 2002-10-28, 312. Night 12057 in the second year in the time of the Twilight Storm.

   And this second 2018-10-28 19.28.21 had its SEVENTENTH ANNUAL CELEBRATION!!!

Most recent update 2018-04-17



Published books

Season of the Witch

A London urban fantasy about our deepest self.

Thunder Road - Ice and Fire

My post-civilization novel.

Black Dragon

Comics as a novel.

The Nine

my world building.

Alarums of Reality

my psychotic novel.


the deepest of mysteries explored.

Dreams Belong to the Night

the ultimate tale of rebellion.

Your Own Fate

a tale of growth & realization of Self beyond any confines.

Night on Earth

a dark London tale to end all tales.

The Poetic Site

an exploration of all shades of life.

The Janus Clan

One of the most controversial series of novels ever published.


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