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   Black Dragon by Amos Keppler


   454 tightly spaced pages. Hardcover edition. ISBN 978-82-91693-18-7

   Release date October 31, 2015.

   Sales price US $37.50, Europe €31, UK £25 (probably considerably less on some online stores). 177 000 words


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   The discord was already well established in human society. It just grew louder as time passed.

   One unexplainable, beyond mysterious event changed the world. In one moment, lasting an eternity the Earth and all its creatures was cast in shadow. The sun was blocked out in the sky, and people could only glimpse each other as flickering shapes in a seemingly endless night.
   They called it the Great Darkness, and spent years and countless hours attempting to explain it, speculating in vain on its origin.
   The results of the event weren’t instantaneous, weren’t obvious, but in the years to come many people transformed, gaining new and startling abilities, powers of the mind and the body never before seen on this Earth.
   Lady Grace, Flight Captain, Gimmick, Oracle, The Bowman, Raven Bird and many others rose from the sea of mankind, creatures straight from people’s imagination, the fantastic writings of the world, crime fighters, vigilantes and master criminals similar to those previously described only in comic books living the life of their dreams.
   The world changed, irrevocably, each new big and small dramatic event removing it further from what it had been, its status quo and social relations altered forever.
   Unsettling dreams began haunting them, first at night, in their sleep, and then, slowly, spilling over into their days and waken lives. A creature, a terrifying nightmare rose from the primordial consciousness of them all.
   They called it Black Dragon…

Black Dragon serpent sign



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